One Deck (normal or marked): $50 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

Normal AND Marked Deck: $80 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

The "Arkanosophy Cartomancy Deck" is without a doubt one of the best deck of cards to offer readings and subtle Mentalism using playing cards. 

You can get the normal deck, the marked deck and BOTH for a special price.
The perfect deck in conjuction with "Cartomantic Artifacts" 

They feel unique (slim plastic durable cards), they dont look like a normal deck of cards (although they are), they offer visual mystique and powerful minimal symbols.

The markings are highly visible and at the same time completely camouflaged, using our vintage style back design that we also use for our Arkanosophy Tarot 

In the exclusive eBook you will learn:

1. Basic Handling: The subtle aspects in handling this deck.
2. Arkanosophy Cartomancy System: A very simple and powerful system that you WILL use to offer cartomancy readings.
3. Focus: A symbolic and subtle piece of Mentalism using the Arkanosophy Cartomancy Deck.
4. Casual Stack: A simple stack that you can use to create your favorite routines.
5. Extra Ideas: Powerful ideas using the exclusive design of this deck

With your order you will receive

1. Arkanosophy Cartomancy Deck
2. Exclusive eBook with ideas and routines

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